One of my favourite places to eat in Bali is  Bistrot – a lounge bar/rest with that kind of atmosphere that makes you want to go back as often as possible.

The unique décor is by the Moroccan-born interior decorator, Zohra Boukhari  who has been living and working in Bali for the last 12 years.

The walls and  floors have been exposed to show the brick and wood that provide a raw vintage industrial but warm lofty feeling to this impressive structure. The large entrance glass and metal door and the windows allow just the perfect amount of light. The furniture, either vintage looking and real vintage chairs and seaters have been covered with grey velvet complement the rest of the deco.   This is a place where you can seat comfortably, listen to a variety of blues, bossa nova and jazz whilst eating what I call food for the soul.

Last time I was there I  had a  delicious  Tuna and avocado tarter followed by a 100% beef burger and perfectly cooked  chips  which I advise at any time.

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Bistrot Lounge Bar- Bali | Magali Pagani