Driven by my daughter’s eating habits and Inspired by my friend Piroska, who is also one of the best cooks I know here,  I decided to create a  healthy pancakes recipe for today’s breakfast.

Here it is:

2 organic eggs, 2 cups of organic milk, 1 cup of organic high protein flour (wanted to use wholemeal but did not have it), 1 cup of organic rolled oats, 2 spoons of oil (I use canola), 1 spoon of organic honey  and 1 spoon of brown sugar (next time I will only use honey), 1 spoon of cinnamon (my children love it) and a tip of salt. Blend it in a blender or liquidizer for around 1 minute or until the patter becomes very smooth.  Coat a non sticking pan with a bit of oil  and pour a small amount of patter into the pan moving it until you have a nice round and  thin coat all over the base of the pan (if you feel that it should be a bit thinner you can add a bit of water to the patter).  Turn it over toast agin and voilá!

Since I am still trying to beat what is left of the bad cold I caught just before returning from Cambodia, I ate mine with organic Manuka +20  honey and a good squeeze of lemon.

Healthy Oats and Cinnamon Pancakes | Magali Pagani